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Watch Out, the alphabet boxes are falling from the sky!! It's not a war between your head against the boxes, avoid the boxes and JUMP!! JUMP before you head get BAM-ed! In Jump Jump BAM! you can play with cute and adorable yellow character called Tako and his friends. Save Tako and friends from the falling blocks and jump as much as possible before you get BAM-ed! Main features: - 8 playable characters with unique special powers - 100+ kawaii design for the falling box, make the game looks even more adorable! - Wheel of Fortune, test your luck and get extra points or second chance! - Connect to Facebook Leaderboard and become the Number 1 among all of your friends. - Catchy Background Music - Highly polished anime and manga graphics - and many more! Keep Jumping and dodge the boxes in Jump Jump BAM! that are totally more fun and addictive than Flappy Birds! Jump Jump BAM! is previously knownas Jump Jump Dzigh. Keep in touch with us: Email us: or go to: or mention us @owngames Happy Jumping and don't get BAM-ed!

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25,14 MB

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Untuk 3 tahun ke atas


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English (United States)

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