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If you like giving your mind a mental stretch, then you will love Master Kakuro the logic puzzle game. Blending Sudoku with crosswords, the Master Kakuro App from Pelican is unlike any other Kakuro game available! Have you gotten bored with Sudoku? Or are you looking for a new challenge? Master Kakuro offers four different sizes and six difficulty levels. Each puzzle is randomly constructed and has only one single unique solution. Different pen colors help to separate �Guesses� from �Knowns�. Pencil mode allows you to mark in and erase the �possible� values in each cell. And, if you make a mistake, that's okay, use the history bar to slide backward through your actions. The Helper Tool and hints help when you get stuck. And as you ponder the possibilities, consider the Zen-like feel of the application. As puzzles are solved, you earn points, earn badges and progress to higher levels.

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  • Advertisement Free Environment
  • Fully Featured
  • No in-app Purchases
  • Simple clean graphical interface
  • Choose your own difficulty level
  • No background music or animations to disturb your concentration
  • Randomly generated puzzles guaranteed to have only one single solution
  • No waiting while puzzles load
  • Pause and resume game play at any time
  • Resume the current saved puzzle upon reentry
  • Goal Oriented levels
  • Zen quotes to live by
  • 4 puzzle sizes
  • Point and badge system
  • Combination / Permutation Helper
  • Pencil/Pen Mode
  • Action History Slider
  • Multiple Pen Colors
  • Helpers for Hints and Pen Errors

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Pelican Technologies Inc

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Pelican Technologies, INC

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1,55 MB

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Untuk 3 tahun ke atas

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English (United States)

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