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Muslim Suite Pro is an app essential for every Muslim in any part of the world. Using this app a Muslim can read Quran in 1 of 44 languages, bookmark while reading and download more translations. This app gives a near exact times for the prayers of a whole week in a clutter less overview. The prayer calculation methods can be adjusted as well as minor adjustment of the times. App displays the next prayer time in the live tile and also gives a visual and or audio notification based on user choice. This application uses the internet to download the translation files and uses the GPS module to calculate the Geo Location. Geo Location is saved locally on the user's machine and will not be shared with anyone. Never miss a prayer using this app's unique reminder service and keep the holy book in your language for daily read. Note: Users getting wrong locations, it is not the fault of the Application. Windows 8 provide the Geographical Coordinates by a fail safe mechanism by determining your Location using your IP address and this App has no control over it in terms of manipulating it to get a different Latitude and Longitude. A wrong location means that your IP provided by your internet service provide is giving wrong Geo Codes. Quran's text and translations are taken from

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Please don't reverse engineer this software. Contact me through my email and i will be happy to share the source code with any one. Quran's text and translations are taken from

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