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ToDo for Google is an application to use Google Tasks comfortably on your desktop. Enhance your daily task management with beautiful material design UI and powerful features. All you need to do is log in with your Google account. You can immediately start using it in two-way sync with the Google Tasks. It supports full screen, multiple accounts, global shortcuts, global search, dark mode, and English. TWO-WAY SYNC WITH GOOGLE TASKS * Mobile and desktop operations are immediately synchronized in both directions. * You can manage tasks centered on Google Tasks anytime, anywhere. COMPLETE ALL ON ONE SCREEN * Since there is no page movement, you can focus on the task you should do now at a glance. * The Google Tasks can be used in full screen. * It solves the problem of "narrow screen" in the browser version and enables more efficient task management. EXTENSIONS NOT FOUND IN GOOGLE TASKS * You can add tasks with the global shortcut (Control + Shift + A). * From all tasks, you can narrow down the tasks whose due dates are "Today", "Tomorrow", "The day after tomorrow", and "Expired". * From all tasks, you can search the entire search with the character string you want to search. * You can add multiple Google accounts and switch quickly. * In addition to drag and drop and due date order, it also supports sorting in alphabetical order. * Alerts notifications for tasks that are 10 minutes old. DARK MODE COMPATIBLE * Supports dark mode, which is gentle on the eyes and battery. * It also supports automatic system interlocking in light mode in the morning and dark mode in the evening. SUPPORTS ENGLISH * You can change the language to "English". * Calendars and dates are also in English format. * Support and function requests are also available in English. ROBUST SECURITY * We do not store all your data on servers other than Google. * Communicate directly between the device and Google's server. Even the developer cannot see the contents. * Login is a more secure login authentication by Google OAuth 2.0. * We will not ask you to enter the password or save it at all. HOW TO USE It's easy to get started with the ToDo for Google. 1. Start ToDo for Google. 2. Log in with your Google account. 3. That's it! You can start using the ToDo for Google right away. SUPPORT If you have any problems, we will support you in English. Please contact us at the email address below. We will get back to you within 48 hours. info@thetodo.net WHY TODO FOR GOOGLE? The browser version of Google Tasks is a great application. However, since it is provided only as a sidebar such as Gmail, the screen is narrow and it is not always easy to use. The ToDo for Google is an application that pursues the idea that Google Tasks "would be more like this". I want everyone who uses this app to feel "I'm glad I used this app". That is the promise from ToDo for Google.

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