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Do Rate and share the app :). An Addictive Game with Different Boards for anyone. Here is what our users say: Rating 5* : Game interesting (Game interesting) Rating 5*:good Rating 5*:Praise Rating 5*: Good game, thanks for the devaluation This app is a classic windows 10 version of the addictive number puzzle game 2048 based on simple addition. You can enjoy all fun of number games, cool math games, logic puzzle games, brain teaser, and mind blowing in this free super numbers puzzle. Play this game to test and develop the Math & Puzzle solving skills With, 5 boards i.e. Classic (4X4), Easy (5X5) (6X6) (7X7) and Hard (3x3) boards!, autosave, smooth performance, low storage plus other features, this new free 2048 game brings you best experience among all 2048 number games. FEATURES: - No Ads - 5 boards i.e. Classic (4X4), Easy (5X5) (6X6) (7X7) and Hard (3x3) boards! - Auto Save. Game autosaves itself so that you can play from where you left previously - Endless mode. After winning at 2048 tile, you can challenge 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072 ... to ENDLESS! - Beautiful plus simple UI - Smooth implementation, best performance, low storage, small app - Smooth animations and great sounds - Upgraded version of original popular classic 2048 number game - UI designed and improved for PC - Daily Brain Exercise - Special Discount Price - Non violent - Suited for kids also - Matrix Theme - Offline Mode. No Internet required. No Data Collection ********Special Sale Price******************* HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move all tiles. After every swipe, a new tile of 2 or 4 will appear in a random empty spot. When two tile puzzles with a same number touch, they merge into one. 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, 32+32=64, 64+64=128, ..., 256 .. 512 .. 1024 ..., when 2048 puzzle is created, you win! When there’s zero available spot and zero adjacent tiles with a same numeral, you lose. SO, ARE YOU READY TO PLAY THIS CHALLENGING GAME TO TEST AND DEVELOP THE MATH & PUZZLE SOLVING SKILLS.

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