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Looks like you're ready for Exams? [ What you have to do: ] - Improve Computational and Logical skills - Study all Formulas from School teaching. - Step your iq up. [ How to learn formulas: ] - In the game formulas are combined on a separate desk, I tried to include the maximum number of formulas, even some rare not common tricks. I supplemented each formula with a special decomposition to help understand how these formulas were derived. - There’s also a tables. And one of the things tables is table's formulas need to be manually entered, each operator, separately. * (this is an experimental release, some formulas are not yet included, but the papers are ready already) [ How to improve computational skills: ] - There're special dynamic training mini-games that are placed on a several tables at the right. Each game has a wide range of difficulty levels - In order to systematize the training exercises, I’ve mixed the tasks separately and added them to the Challenge mode. Challenge mode includes over 200 to-do lists each of which includes 3 or 5 tasks, with increasing difficulty level. Which means you’ll have more that 1500 minutes brain training game-play [ Why, 3D Math – Simulator: ] - In this game I'm trying to implement dynamic and positive game-play, with a good, responsive and dynamic behavior. I'm looking for a solution that could be make the game less tiring and would help to sustain desire to dive back into that training. * (also a few alternative UI interfaces will be available in the future, a minimal UI for example) There is a help section in the game that will help you to master common functions in short time. Take that if you wanna try to pick up all the school formulas or just pump your brain.

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