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16 Games That Teach Letter Names, Letter Shapes, and Letter Writing! Kids can sing along and play to learn letter names and shapes... for FREE and AdFree*! Forget the old alphabet puzzles or entertaining videos that don’t truly teach! The Alphabet Song Game™ app is the easiest way for children to learn uppercase and lowercase letter names, shapes, and letter writing. This app has 16 fun, easy-to-play games that use the Alphabet Song to teach children the alphabet. It also helps children distinguish between similar looking letters, mirrored letters, and reverse letters. Children can play independently or with a parent or teacher. Parents or teachers can easily monitor children’s success in each of the 16 games. Grades: Toddler, Preschool, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade This app won the 2014 Tillywig Brain Child Award! *This is the full version of this app for free and with no ads. ------------------------------------ Do you enjoy this app? Please help us by reviewing it in the App Store. We are a small, family owned business made up of 15 talented, innovative, hardworking people that take great pride in the products we produce. We would love to hear your experience so we can further improve our products. Thank you!

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