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Boxing Star is the immersive 3D boxing game in which you must lace up your gloves and box your way to the championship belt. You must prove that you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. You will need to box like a champion and knock out your opponents to win each match. There are three exciting game modes for you to play including: quick match, tournament and career mode. Plan your tactics based on your boxing style and dominate the ring. As you progress there are unlockable boxing characters to control all, with their own special traits that you can utilize. Have fun! Features 3D professional boxing game 3 game modes: quick mode, tournament, and career Unlockable more boxers Each boxer has a detailed strength Controls Q or A to do a cross punch W or Z to do a right uppercut Y to do a left uppercut E to do a right hook T to do a left hook U to do a right overhand I to do a left overhand D to dodge punch S to block punch All rights belong to their respective owners

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