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Classic Bridge is Coppercod’s take on one of the world’s most popular classic partnership card games, Contract Bridge. Free to play. Track your stats and play with smart AIs. Whether you are completely new to Bridge or you want to practice offline to improve your bidding or play for your next tournament, this app caters for players of all levels. Test your brain while you play and have fun! This game uses the Standard American bidding system. Hints can be provided during the bidding if you request them to keep your learning on track. Bridge is a little more complex to learn, but rewarding as you improve your strategy over time to defeat your opponents. The twists and turns of the bidding round keep the landscape different every session. Choose between easy, medium and hard mode and make sure to track your all time and session stats to follow your improvement as you learn! Make Classic Bridge the perfect game for you with our customisable features! ● Turn the Bid Panel hints on or off ● Set the AI level to easy, medium or hard ● Choose normal or fast play ● Play in landscape or portrait mode ● Turn single click play on or off You can also customise your color themes and card decks to choose from to keep the landscape interesting! Quickfire rules: After the cards are dealt evenly between four players, the players, in turn, can “pass” or bid the number of tricks they believe their team can win above 6 in any suit, or “No Trumps”. The bidding proceeds like an auction, each player in turn can make a higher bid than the current winning bid or “pass”. The player to the left of the Declarer makes the opening lead. Each player then plays one card in turn, following suit if they can. If they cannot follow suit they may play any other card in their hand, including a trump card. After a trick is won by the best card played, the player who took the trick leads the first card to the next trick. The aim for the winning bidding team is to take as many tricks as to at least win their contract. The other team is trying to win enough tricks to stop them. After the opening lead, the Dummy's cards are turned face up for every player to see. The Declarer in the hand plays both their own cards and the Dummy's. If your team wins the contract, you will play both the Declarer and Dummy hands. At the end of each round, the winning bidder's score contract points if they met or bettered their contract, or give “Undertrick” penalty points to their opponents. The “Rubber” is won by the team with the highest score after the first team wins two out of three games. The games are won when one team wins 100 contract points.

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