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DARTS Scorer 2021 is the best and most easy to use darts scoring app. You can test the app for 7 days for free and convince yourself. The main features are: ▪ Game modes: X01 (301/501), Cricket, Shanghai ▪ Local mode: Supports unlimited amount of players ▪ Online mode: Play remotely with your friends and relatives ▪ X01-Bots: Practice by playing against three differently skilled bots ▪ Real dartboard ▪ Checkout helper ▪ Voice recognition and speech output with customizable keywords ▪ Player management with profile pictures ▪ Statistics ONLINE MODE (2021 Edition - cross-platform): You can play X01-games online against your friends and relatives. The amount of online players is unlimited and you don't need to setup accounts. Just tap on "Online", create a game and share the join code. Other players can join to your game using the join code. It is also possible to rejoin the game using this code if you had connection issues. The online-mode supports cross-platform multiplayer with Windows, Android and iOS.

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