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Delivery Simulator is a free-to-play vehicle driving simulator. Drive Trucks in levels where you can attach/detach truck's trailer, use Forklifts to put the crates in vehicles and deliver them, drive Army Truck without dropping cargo. There are 30 levels where you race against time and try to drive clean. Better you drive, more stars you will get. Stars will unlock new vehicles in free drive mode, including sport cars. _____________________________________________ Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SimulaGames/ to get more info about all our upcoming titles. Follow us on Twitter @Simula_Games https://twitter.com/Simula_Games Visit our official site at http://www.simulagames.com For feedback or requests, you can contact us from http://simulagames.com/contact/ _____________________________________________ *Note that Delivery Simulator is free to play, but it offers two in app products (0.5$ - 3.5$ per item) Removing ads and a purchasable monster truck.

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