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Elf Summoner: Pocket Monster League is a highly recreated childhood classic animation game. In the game, players can freely play protagonists such as Tianmei and start a new elf adventure in their identity. Capture a large number of elves, collect pictorial machines and exchange with friends, win all badges in the channel hall, and challenge the mysterious and powerful Four Heavenly Kings. Global serve and fight together, come and experience the original classic gameplay, and realize your own pocket dream! Contact Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonMega/ Features: ——100% re-enactment Elf Summoner restores the classic gameplay of childhood series, from the individual values, skills, and evolution methods of the elves, to the cultivation of the elves, the collection of illustrated books, etc., have been highly replicated, Here you can experience orthodox pocket elf gameplay, get started easily, and start the path of Pokémon Master. ——Pet evolution opens a new stance in battle The game covers the evolution mode of each generation and elves, and the evolution curve of evolution-super evolution-invincible evolution greatly enriches the gameplay. Cool elf shapes with realistic skill special effects will definitely bring you a brand new battle experience visually! ——The villain struck and liberated the ultimate beast The villain's role-Once again, defeating the powerful villain and the forces behind it will liberate the rare supernatural beast. The monsters in each generation of Pokemon animation will also appear one by one, helping us to become partners of justice! ——Massage Wizard In the game, there are more than 100 kinds of elves for players to choose from. According to the attributes and status of wild elves, as long as you have a certain know-how, you can also easily collect picture book machines and become a real Pokémon master!

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