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A Non Violent Game Suitable for Everyone Save Flappy - the Angry Bird from the incoming obstacles in its word. Make it Dodge, fly, glide to strategize its position to combat the incoming obstacles. Isn't the human life resemble the same, when one tries to combat obstacles in life. Extremely addictive and Challenging game that requires your focus, strategy and patience. Strategize the position of Flappy - the Angry Bird to combat the incoming obstacles. It will not let your fingers and brain to rest. Persistence, thinking, prompt and appropriate action is the key to score high. Challenge yourself for how much you can score. Try to beat your High Score. FEATURES: -No Ads -Dynamic Difficulty Level -Size and Performance optimization -Limited Time DISCOUNT -Smooth Preperformance -Optimized For PC and Windows -Highest Score Keeper -Daily Notification -Early Bird Discounted Price -NON VIOLENT -SUITED FOR KIDS ALSO HOW TO PLAY: 1. Save Flappy - the Angry Bird from hitting green and orange obstacles 2. Press UP Arrow key to increase altitude and Release UP Arrow Key to decrease altitude 3. Press Right Arrow key to move forward and release Right Arrow key to move backward 4. Strategize the position of the bird in order to combat obstacles 5. Obstacle speed increases dynamically. Watch for it. 6. That's it. How much can you score.....let's see. So are you ready to play this challenging game?

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