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Gears of War & Funko Pop! have joined forces to deliver you explosive real-time multiplayer battles in the Gears universe. Mix-and-match an army from iconic Gears of War heroes and villains, each designed with distinctive and collectible Funko Pop! vinyl design. Once you’ve assembled your squad, lead them to victory against other collectors in fast-paced tactical cover-combat! FEATURES ● Strive for supremacy on iconic Gears battlefields in real-time PVP assaults. ● Over 30 Gears of War characters are ready for your orders, all brought to life from authentic Funko Pop! designs. ● Build your squad the way you want, mixing and matching COG & Locust units like never before. ● Create a custom Funko Pop! avatar to represent YOU on the battlefield. ● Turn the tide of battle with powerful ‘Ultimate’ abilities, including the devastating Hammer of Dawn. ● Battle through the arenas and into big leagues to challenge the best players in the world and fight for even better rewards. ● Test your mettle against AI opponents to try out new squads and hone your strategies. A network connection is required to play.

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