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Every 1000 years Best Warriors from different realms are summoned into The VOID - a place between worlds where time and space are warped, to Fight for their lives to become the HERO of the next millennium. Heroes have godlike abilities and are the key to balance entire Universe. The Arena in The VOID is different every time, it adapts to the combatants' stories and abilities. Battle for survival in this Epic Arena Multiplayer Battle Royale with a new awesome twist! Made for mobile, HEROES is a hardcore Battle Royale game. Master each character's ability, adapt to the environment and play with your unique style, parachute, loot, shoot and survive to become the King of the Hill. 20 PVP players and AI - it's pure non-stop high octane mayhem! Super simple controls will have you ready to fire as soon as you've downloaded the game. Choose your landing spot, drop in, loot weapons and armor, get ready for the fight of your life! Battle it out on a huge map with awesome locations. As you play you'll unlock large amount of customized content and special skins by gaining XP and leveling up. With variety of guns you can perfect your shooting skills and become the Hero of the War Game. Will you choose the sniper, shotgun, rifle or pistol? Remember to race to compete for ammo, health and armor to enhance your character! HEROES offers you unlimited possibilities with intense gameplay, where the jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sounds are combined to make it the best free game on mobile that you won’t want to put down— Real-time fast-paced 20-PERSON BATTLES against players from all over the world! ✦ Requires a stable internet connection ✦ One Click room join ✦ All different characters with abilities from Super Power to Tech Manipulation ✦ ALWAYS GROWING WITH BATTLE EVENTS! Compete in compelling challenges to earn even more amazing rewards! ✦ HUGE game map to explore. Parachute into your area of choice and control your landing. ✦ Tons of WEAPONS and ITEMS to loot, including armor and med kits ✦ Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful polygon art ✦ Customization at your feet ✧ Characters ✧ Weapons ✧ Skins ✧ And More ... ✦ The easiest, intuitive online shooter controls For additional information please contact us at the links below: ☺ Discord: https://discord.gg/NZDxeC ☺ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarHeroesOnline

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