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Addictive hidden object about diamond island! Find all the given hidden objects! Yes, girls pirates really exist! And they are tough and brave same as men, even though men pirates are more famous. Daisy is a girl pirate that lives in her boat. This girl is in a constant search for hidden treasure. That's why she has become a pirate. She was intrigued by the open sea but her wish to finds some hidden treasures and similar secrets, made her become what she is today. Besides her general wish for being a pirate and search for that hidden treasure, Daisy is particularly interested in finding the Diamond Island. As the name says, supposedly this island is full of diamonds. You may wonder how this island has kept its diamonds so far but the truth is that this island does not exist on any map. That is made on purpose, so no one could find it easily and get to the diamonds. But Daisy is already an experienced sailor and pirate so after long search, she manages to catch the path that leads to this island and finally get to the Diamond Island. The arrival to the island makes all clear. All stories about it were true and there are really a lot of diamonds on the island including a real treasure. Daisy likes to find as much treasure as possible on this island and take it away with her. Let's help this girl fulfill her biggest pirate dream and come back home happily.

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