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Blow up tanks! Crash helicopters! Squash puny humans! Collapse structures! Hurl boulders until nothing remains! END THE WORLD! Actual World Ending Video Demonstration: REVIEWS "King Oddball is a nearly perfect gameplay experience, with just the right level of strange to remain memorable." - Gamezebo ★★★★½ "Exudes fun in every way" - 148Apps ★★★★ "Silly premise, highly addictive game play, nice visuals, jazzy music." - TouchMyApps ★★★★★ "Pick this game up for a tongue-lashing good time." -AppAdvice ★★★★ "Eccentric, internet-approved sense of humor and fantastic visual style." -Casual Gameplay / Jayisgames DESCRIPTION End the world with boulders! King Oddball swings a boulder back and forth with his tongue. Release it by tapping the screen. Time the release accurately and crush as many targets as possible with each boulder. Simple but addicting! Gain extra boulders when crushing three or more targets with a single throw. Master the game by anticipating how the boulders roll, bounce, and launch from explosions. Take advantage of collapsing structures too! Conquer the world by defeating the humans in more than 120 fun and increasingly challenging levels! FEATURES - Single tap gameplay: easy to learn! - Earth shaking massive physics action - More than 120 levels + secrets! - 15 achievements - Eccentric art style - Original music by Jonathan Geer - Chat with King Oddball via the Odd Phone LINKS Chat with the king:

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