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Have you ever tried to race on the mountains with your extreme off-road bicycle? No? This game will fulfill your dream and you can live your dream here with the Mtb downhill BMX racer game. MTB Downhill: BMX Racer - This is the first time in the history of mobile games when you will do the mountain biking and racing. Be the first BMX rider and enjoy the ultimate exercise in this MTB Downhill BMX Racer game. You can perform the quad and xtreme stunts when you see the obstacles. Extream Freeride Bike on MTB track in Downhill Simulator. MTB tricks & Stunts. The environment of MTB Downhill BMX Racer is based on the mountains and BMX bicycles! GAMEPLAY AND KEY FEATURES: - Race on the mountain with realistic bike physics - Optimized high-resolution graphics - Free to Play. Are you a professional MTB racer? Get on your mountain bike and go downhill really fast! In MTB Professional: Downhill Cycling you must complete all the challenging cycling missions. The racing tracks are very difficult and dangerous. Upgrade your mountain bike to the maximum. Be ready for challenging levels. Are you a professional MTB hero? Ride your MTB Downhill as a champion! This mountain bike racing game is a very fast-paced game! Race the dangerous racing tracks with your MTB like a professional. Perform amazing tricks and get perfect combos for big prizes! Earn a pile of cash and buy your favorite bike! Hop on your MTB and race the dangerous trails now! The MTB trophy is waiting for you! Only a real professional is good enough! Now download & enjoy MTB Downhill: BMX Racer game now for FREE !

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