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Create any lyrical video from your photos with just single click. Download my photo lyrical status video maker and place your lovely photo into selected lyrical video and share with your loved ones and show your love. Create your own music video with your personalized photos. Just pick your images and select best lyrics and you are done with awesome video. HOW TO USE: ♦ Start Lyrical Video Maker app ♦ Pick the best song from our collection ♦ Pick your beautiful images ♦ Crop any image if you want ♦ Apply Filters on the images ♦ Change the font of text and set position of text ♦ Add cool Stickers, Doodles also ♦ We have provided certain shapes also, so that you can apply them in images ♦ Instantly save and share your stunning lyrical video FEATURES: ■ Add Hindi Song For Hindi Lyrical Status ■ Add Bhojpuri Song For Bhojpuri Lyrical Status ■ Add Marathi Song For Marathi Lyrical Status ■ Add Punjabi Song For Punjabi Lyrical Status ■ Add Tamil Song For Tamil Lyrical Status ■ Add Rajasthani Song For Rajasthani Lyrical Status ■ Add Telugu Song For Telugu Lyrical Status ■ Add Haryanvi Song For Haryanvi Lyrical Status ■ Add English Song For English Song Lyrical Status ■ Add Birthday Song For English Song Lyrical Status ■ 1 tap sharing on Social Media ■ Easy to use and user friendly UI ■ Its fully free and convenient to use ■ High quality video created Download now and start making Lyrical Videos of your images.

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