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Play free block craft survival sandbox 3d online multiplayer games with survival and creative. Create mini world, craft, mine, survive, build. Start your fun adventure: exploration, mine resources, crafting and building, survive, build battle. Game Features: 🔥 Infinite fun in massive survival online: mine, multicraft tons of block recipes, items, potions, weapons 👍 Tame pets: cats, dogs. Create iron golem to guard you from enemies 😁 Enjoy friendly animals, drop spawn eggs, watch out hostile mobs ⭐ Farm using different weapons, bone meal to speed up growing process 🔫 Use different potions, splash potions, explode tnt, make traps, shoot using tipped arrows for your battle royale adventure 🌍 Infinite size of the planet are making you exploration, mining, crafting and building, survivor expirience more fun. Use home point to set your respawn point 🎉 Redstone system: create whatever redstone circuits you can imagine ✈️ Fun exploration craft: explore creations, constructions, kraft realms, mini worlds built by others ⚡ Main crafting and building. Buildcraft block world, house, village, city, realms. Play alone, play with friends 👑 Customize your character by choosing themed skins 😊 Use global or privat chat 😇 Enjoy hd pixel cube graphics 🏢 Play for free under internet or wifi in best sandbox construction or survivor exploring online multiplayer games, or play offline game modes Main game modes: Survival & Creative Multiplayer, Survivor& Creative Offline, Private Maps. ⚔️ Survival Online allows you to gather resources, craft block, construct buildings, satisfy hunger, battle mobs while playing on massive server. 🏰 Creative Multiplayer allows you to build, craft, destroy construction alone or with other players. 🗺 Survival & Creative Offline modes for your private adventure without other player or need of wi-fi. 😎 Private Maps allows you to play construction or survive games with different settings according players world modification access. Please follow our news: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9raRQKfSKIekED4aN6Z_Fg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playlabsmobile/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaylabsMobile Site: http://playlabsmobile.com/planetcraft This is free online multiplayer block crafting and building games with great survival sandbox. Download it now. Start creating your awesome mini world adventure now.

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Playlabs, LLC 2021

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