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Design a beautiful home for your ponies! Make beautiful clothes and jewelry! In this girl game, you design and build a village in the sky for your ponies and have fun! Care for your ponies, meet their friends! Find hidden mini-games! Design & create beautiful clothes and jewelry for them. Build a fairytale castle for your ponies to live in! Create the perfect accessories for your ponies to wear! Discover unique pony hairstyles. Play with your friends and visit their pony islands, too! Build the best pony sky village to wow your friends! Download now, it’s FREE! Start playing now, you'll ENJOY Pony Island! Features: * PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required * DESIGN beautiful accessories and castles * MEET cute ponies and their animal friends * DISCOVER beautiful and cute ponies of all sizes and shapes * 2 FREE mini games to enjoy! * DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! * UNLOCK more cute ponies in this girl game and decorations as you level up your pony paradise! * EXPLORE & DECORATE your own pony paradise just the way you want it! Make your visitors happy - show them your beautiful ponies and decorated fairytale castle. See you all soon in the game and don't forget to come and visit my pony paradise! In this girl game you will build a home for cute ponies and explore their sky kingdom. Create fantastic-looking clothes, jewelry and accessories for your ponies to wear! Design, plan and build your own pony fairytale castle in the sky! Populate it with ponies and their friends, and meet all kinds of cute animals that live in the sky kingdom. Decorate your pony paradise village and have fun discovering new clothes, accessories and hairstyles! Show your pony sky kingdom to your friends, too! Invite them to play with you and explore the pony sky kingdom together. See them dance, have fun and celebrate! Download now, it’s FREE! Start playing now, you'll ENJOY Pony Island! Note: This game is 100% FREE to play and contains optional in-app items for purchase with real money. You can restrict in-app purchases by setting your User Controls in your Play Store settings. This is one of the best girl games!

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