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Now you are a designer, please help princess design their hair styles.More interesting & funny! In this game, we have 4 modes: Hair Salon Task Mode, Free Design Mode, Dressing Room, Color Lab. All of game modes will get rich rewards. All the game props and hair accessories are FREE! Just enjoy this game with your friends and family! ** FEATURE ** - Realistic hairdryer to create any look you wish - Styling tools such as scissors, hair straighter, curling iron, and hot air brush - Save your hair style for your princess. - Dress up princess with beautiful dresses and fashion hair style in dressing room. - Dozens of beautiful dresses and accessories in the dressing room - Fun accessories to complete the makeover - Get cuvettes and make new colors in Color Lab - Complete Daily Task to earn coins and diamonds - Level up & unlock different tools - Limitless game mode. [Hair Salon Task Mode] Cut hair, color and style hair any way you want, using lots of different hair styling tools from a simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener. Design hair styles for princess and princess a makeup in style! Run your own Princess Dress up Salon! Customers are looking for a new hair style and you are the one to give them the haircut of their dreams with this Princess Hair Salon Makeover. The hair games provides a cute character for you, she will tell you what she wants to be, help her to make up like a princess! First wash and dry her hair, then you can cut hair, color, curl or straighten the hair. If you make a mistake and cut too much hair off, don’t worry! Just use the hair grow gel and you can correct any accidental haircut. Next, you can get even more creative by using hair color dyes or hair decorations to make your customer happier, let them look like a princess! Haircut, makeover for the girl! Could you make your customers satisfied 100%? In this Princess Hair Salon: Girl Makeup & Dress up game, each level you can unlock a different hair tool, and you can buy a lot of hair decorations for your customers. There is a tip for you: exchange diamonds to coins when you have no enough coins. [Free Design Mode] In the FREE DESIGN MODE of this hair games, you could use all the hair tools which you have seen in hair salon mode. Just do your hair style as your imagination, have a haircut for girls! If you match the design conditions such as color, hair style, hair accessories, you'll get bonus after submitting. I can't wait to see your great arts in this hair salon games! Come and enjoy this Princess Hair Salon: Girl Makeup & Dress up! At last, once you and your customer are happy with the way they look, don’t forget to dress up them up and then take them to the camera booth for a snapshot! Hope you like this Princess Hair Salon: Girl Makeup & Dress up Games! Let us know if you have any ideas to this hair games! [Princess Dressing Room] Beautiful hair style, fashion princess, lovely hair accessories, magic wings and dresses... all of your imagination are in dressing room. Choose a beautiful dresses and hair style for your lovely princess. There are so many dresses are waiting for unlocking. [Girls Color Lab] In the new game mode: Color Lab, you could choose two of colors which you like and pour them to the bottle. And then the magic is here. A new color is generated. You can also adjust the new color darker or lighter. It will cost you 2 tubes to save the new color. Don't worry! Everyday you will get 2 tubes for free. [Princess Daily Task] Princess Hair Salon: Girl Makeup & Dress up prepares a lot of different daily tasks. Complete daily tasks to earn coins and diamonds! Different day has different tasks, so don't forget complete the task and get bonus in one day.

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