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Two groups of new high school graduates are starting their summer vacation at the beach. Both groups know that their lives will change dramatically when they start college in the fall.... But why is it so cold on the beach this year? The water isn't frozen! So what else could be the cause?! The events concerning "Project: Summer Ice" will change the way they look at their relationships and lives forever... You may have a dream for finding true love and finding your purpose in life. It's not an easy road and there are bumps along the way, but if you trust God, things will eventually work out the way they should! [Game Features] -Eight playable characters -Simple game play and controls -A modern day, story driven, classic styled "old school" RPG [Character Profiles] [[[( Here are some of the characters you can play as in your journey! )]]] Wru: The girl who is looking for a boyfriend at any cost! "I wonder if I can find a boyfriend among all the guys at the beach this summer?!" Pammy: Hanna: Rick: Yet: Zane: [This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...] -the Project: Summer Ice series -simple, classic styled RPG with a deep story -an RPG with Christian themes -a JRPG with strong and compelling characters -Christian anime -an anime JRPG featuring Bible principles -Bible based games -JRPG -a modern romance story -cute games -a Christian themed game that anyone can play -a Romance game in the style of classic JRPG -a game for men, woman, boys, and girls -games for teen and young adult boys and girls -a Christian themed JRPG [About Project: Summer Ice] Project: Summer Ice is a series of video games, books, and animations about characters who are pursuing their future dreams and future romances! The series began with the original Project: Summer Ice video game released on July 14th, 2017, and has continued to this day with many different products! Learn more about the series, the characters, and find a timeline of events at our official website: [Visit us at our official website today!] [Watch our videos on YouTube today!] [Check out news about this and other games at our social media today!] Instagram: Twitter: Project: Summer Ice © 2017-2020 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / All Rights Reserved. RPG Maker MV © 2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION. / YOJI OJIMA. All Rights Reserved.

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