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Live the life of a Wild Puma in a fantasy forest, raise a big cat family, take care of your cubs in Puma Family Sim Online. Play RPG Adventure game in a massive 3d world. Explore different biomes alone and with your friends online. Become a wild cat and battle with dangerous animals and epic bosses to keep your family safe. Teach your little cubs how to hunt their first prey in this free animal simulator game. This is the best Puma Simulator in the store! Puma Family Sim features: Raise a Cat Family: - Start your family: find soulmate, raise cubs and live in a beautiful home - Buy different skins for your family - Raise a clan of forest’s pumas - Grab cubs in the mouth, feed and play with them and teach them how to hunt - Hunt together with family GAMEPLAY : - Build a unique home location for your family by decorating it with beautiful objects - Battle with strong enemies and dangerous bosses online - Complete quests to earn XP and coins - Increase health, stamina, and attack power to become stronger - Unlock special abilities and attacks: pounce attack, stealth attack, swimming ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME : - Hunt down dangerous bosses - Cooperate with other players - Play with friends in online mode - Chat with other players to coordinate your moves FANTASY RPG GAMEPLAY : - Challenging quests - Special attack skills - Beautiful home to build MUlTIPLE LOCATIONS - Mysterious Desert - Fantasy Forest - Tropical Island And much more is coming with new updates Leaderboards - Leaderboards rank the best players by level, experience, and family members Download and rise your Puma Family right now! So you don't miss updates and our new games follow us! https://www.facebook.com/Area730Official https://vk.com/area730 https://twitter.com/area_730 If you need a help write us support@area730.com If you have any suggestions on how to make this family simulator better - let us know! Just write us in any social network or drop a letter on email!

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