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Did you ever dreamed that you are fighter aircraft pilot... flying plane over the enemy base... targeting the buildings, enemy camps and vehicles from air? Here is a game for you "Real fighter Air simulator" it will let you fly fighter plane and shoot down ground enemy base camps.This 3D fighter plane simulator is your chance to put yourself in the pilot’s cockpit of a war machine in air. This Real fighter Air Simulator is based on realistic flight simulator where you have to pilot a war machine thrusting in air towards the enemy base camps... To be the most successful war machine pilot in the sky you need to follow the directions from maps and flight control closely. So you know what direction you need to go. How to Play: You have have to given to option in Game Play. One for touch and other for keyboard and mouse For Tablet: - Move aircraft left/right/up/down with joystick controller - Select camera view from top left camera button - Camera View includes: Cockpit view & External View - Select ammunition from ammunition button on right - Ammunition includes: Rocket Missiles, Bullets & Light Bombs - Click fire button to fire selected ammunition - Target Enemy buildings, camps, vehicles on ground - Check map, check enemy base, fly plane within map boundary For PC: - Use the the arrows keys and W,A,S,D keys from keyboard to move aircraft left/right/up/down - Click fire button with mouse or press "F" key from keyboard - Use "R" key from keyboard to change weapons Keep your war machine within map boundary and can be a very difficult task! You as an fighter aircraft pilot will experience how it feels to fly aircraft in real. This is a new windows Real fighter Air Simulator, we hope you will enjoy. Follow us or send email: Web:

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