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"Real Pool 3D 2" is an online two-player 3D game that includes three gameplay modes, namely, 8 ball, 9 ball and Snooker. It’s a free billiards game with the most stunning 3D effect and the best in-game manipulation. With its independently developed physical engine and super realistic kinematic frictions that restore real-life billiards, the game lets players immerse themselves in the unique charm and sportsmanship of billiards. Plus, players can choose from exquisite cue sticks to play in multiple modes and vivid 3D scenes of 8 ball, 9 ball and Snooker. Collect hefty rewards by opening chests and socialize closely with friends via the multi-player chat channel. Alternatively, you can also invite friends to start a special friendly match; create or join a club to stand out among numerous skilled players; or create a team of your own. Weekly exclusive club rewards are waiting for you, alongside a wide range of free packs available on holidays. You will be the mightiest one as long as you don’t give up.

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