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Stronger enemies, powerful weapons, mission style instructions, amazing power -ups... all this and more awaits you in Skyblock Island Survival Games. ★☆★☆Play for Keeps★☆★☆ Number 221 had been stealing medicine. Not a lot, just a little bit, every day, hidden away in a vent. This was no easy feat in a totalitarian world where everything and every person was accounted for every minute of the day. A genius scientist, Number 221 was under orders to mass produce chemical missiles and viruses that would be strategically spread to deal with population control. He was under contract. Under orders. Under control. Number 221 was planning mutiny. But how do you destroy monsters without becoming one of them? There was no guarantee he'd survive. The medicine dissolved easily in the coffee, leaving no trace of evidence behind. He poured a cup for himself, and his guard. He sipped the poison, the antidote tucked safely in his lab coat. His guard did not have the same benefit. As his insides began to write in result, he waited for evidence the poison too was effecting his companion. As the man fell to the ground, Number 221 flipped the lid of the vial and tossed back the contents. The guard was a fool to trust a scientist, especially one willing to drink his own poison to ensure his success. Number 221 stepped over the body, drew a vial of the odious man's blood to pass security, and slipped from the lab he knew all too well. He wasn't anywhere close to being free. The safe house was a far way off and they would notice his absence soon. They would not risk losing him. He was too valuable. To survive, he was going to need to be careful. He was going to need to fight. ★☆★☆Battle for Supremacy ★☆★☆ Are you skilled enough, fast enough, powerful enough, and capable enough to eliminate all targets and complete the map in a designated time? If you are, you'll be rewarded with the advantage of a permanent weapon. What if you could earn a perk from the get-go that would assist you in your quest? Would you accept the help? If you want to start off with a amazing power-up, you'll be offered the opportunity to watch a short video clip to earn it. You'll need to be quick. Collect ammo and weapons as you navigate beautiful 3D pixel worlds in first person fighting style. Run, sprint, crouch and jump to take the upper hand in defeating your enemy. A new, user-friendly interface boasts a new menu screen with map-style level select, but be aware, you'll need to unlock these levels by defeating the level before. Your enemies are stronger and more intelligent than ever, and with their higher health and damage, the fight you face will be no easy task. Fight hand-to-hand or wield an epic selection of melee and firearm weapons and take aim. Precision aiming will help you target your enemy and gain the advantage. Be ruthless in your approach. Your survival depends on it. Top Game Features: *Accept your mission *Take aim with precision shooting *Entity map with aerial views *Stronger enemies boast a tough challenge *Loading screen game tips *Hand-to-hand combat *Weapon pickup *Power-ups *Map-style game select *Beat the clock

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