SnowRunner - Season 3: Locate & Deliver (Windows 10)
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Expand your SnowRunner experience with Season 3: Locate & Deliver. Haul giant logs and bring old railways to life in the remote wilderness of Wisconsin, USA. Enjoy two huge maps in Wisconsin, three new vehicles, exclusive skins, unique missions, specialized logging addons, and more! The Season 3: Locate & Deliver DLC is available as part of the Year 1 Pass and Premium Edition, or as a standalone purchase. Season 3: Locate & Deliver includes: • Two new summer maps in Wisconsin, USA, with the much-anticipated arrival of logging! Use the new grapples to load logs, rebuild train tracks, and power abandoned facilities in the deep wilds. • Three new vehicles including the International PayStar Twin Steer, the Pacific P512 PF, and the BOAR 45318. • New cosmetics, including three vehicle skins, and new stickers. • New addons to load and carry logs, and a generator trailer to power facilities.

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