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Spartan Runner is an arcade game unlike any other in which you run through 10 different areas armed with your trusty shotgun to send back the invaders from where they come from! You can count on a collection of weapons and vehicles all more powerful than each other to help you in your perilous adventure! Get rewards, medals, commendations, ranks and more by playing Spartan Runner! With its online leaderboard you can compete against your friends and the rest of the world. Will you be good enough to be the number 1? * Discover stunning 2D graphics * 40 missions to complete * Epic boss battles * 20 weapons and vehicles to upgrade * Run through 10 different areas * Customize your own Spartan * Earn rewards by completing commendations * Upgrade your rank to get more rewards * Unlock new items and upgrades * Weekly challenges * Online leaderboards Jump in a new action-packed adventure with the arcade game Spartan Runner!

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Dobermann Studios


(C)2020 Dobermann Studios

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William Bourdon

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36.22 MB

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