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Survive in crazy action by playing modern online shooter about Chernobyl zone. Striker Zone is a shooter game and as well as best shooters it contains: - Outstanding 3D graphics - Realistic physics - Great choice of guns Be elite stalker in the best online PvP shooter, come to the world of the most dynamic online shooter. Feel the power of PvP battles online with players from all over the world. Challenge your skills in team battles on the Zone of Chernobyl. Advance in rank your fighter, upgrade weapons and armor to become the strongest stalker! Fight with friends in one team battle or destroy avalanche of enemies by your own in deathmatch mode. Be the best and stay on the top of rating table in this modern online shooter! Join clans of other stalkers and play with friends ABSOLUTELY FREE! FEATURES of Striker zone. • Modern 3D graphics • Huge choice of weapons and upgrades to your soldier. Choose suitable gun and go to battle! • Various camouflages and decals • Various Chernobyl battle zones • User friendly controls which will be enjoyed both by newbie shooter players and hardcore gamers. • Be online, shoot, advance in rank, upgrade your soldier, receive awards and daily bonuses. • Common chat that lets you communicate with stalkers of your country • Dynamic battles around the world and crazy nonstop PvP action. • You can choose any game mode: team battle or single battle. And all this is absolutely FREE! BE THE BEST STALKER IN CHERNOBYL ZONE Enter our fan communities. Be aware of the latest updates! Participate in the game tournaments, take the first place in rating! Collect all awards and share your achievements with friends on Google+, Facebook and Vkontakte! Brighten your life with adrenaline buzz, start your own fight!

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