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Tap Tap Dash is a new version of addicting games. In other words, It is the worlds hardest game that allow users to dash in music gameplay. We would like to bring the biggest updated version of Tap Tap Dash Game to players who are big fans of tap dash world. Our goal is to make Tap Tap Dash - Tap Tap Rhythm Game become one of the most fun addicting games and also be the hardest game ever with music gameplay. * Insanely addictive game-play! Don't say we didn't warn you * Good luck! HOW TO PLAY: While running and tapping to jump (like jumping games) on the dash line jump in tap dash world, you need to feel the rhythm of the musical soundtrack. Like other addicting games, Tap Tap Dash game can be run smoothly by quick reaction and good vibes for music, requiring players to dash and tap in time while maintaining their thrilling speed to dash on the line jump in the tap dash world. GAME FEATURES: - Tap to jump or dash changing direction following the rhythm of the musical soundtrack - Balance your runner on the line jump - Don’t fall off the line jump Are you ready for the new version of addicting games and worlds hardest game like this? Be sure to invite your friends to play to see who can get the furthest. Do you like games as Geometry dash , piano tiles , magic tiles , rolling sky or dancing line and tiles hop ? RIght for you is best music game Tap Tap Dash ! Good luck!

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