Who’s shaping society today—creating, innovating, leading, and bringing the world forward? It’s her.

March marks Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Meet trailblazing women around the world who are inspiring, mentoring, and reshaping our communities through tech and innovation.

When women rise, we all rise

Making history now

We’re proud to amplify the voices of those who are working to build a better, more inclusive future—not just because this is Black History Month, but also because change is happening all around us and Black history is now. Learn more about innovators and trailblazers at Microsoft who are driving change and shaping history today.

Black history, today and every day

Conversation starters

Sol LeWitt: Variations on a theme

Explore the life and legacy of Sol LeWitt—the visionary artist who redefined what modern art could be—in this podcast series hosted by Dessane Lopez Cassell. Learn more about key themes in LeWitt’s work and how his approach still influences some of the creative pioneers shaping the 21st century.

Unlocking a competitive edge

How the NFL is keeping the spirit of the game alive

The 2020-21 NFL season played out in a year like no other. Find out how teams and broadcasters turned to technology to collaborate, connect with fans, and keep their favorite traditions alive.

Sharing our voices

For Special Olympics youth leaders, inclusion takes heart

Youth leaders around the world are teaming up to tackle problems that hit Special Olympics athletes hard, from health challenges to social isolation to employment discrimination.

Protecting our planet

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