Pride 2020: The more we talk, the more we understand

Pride started because Black and Latinx people stood up for justice. Today, we stand on their shoulders and call for equity and equality. Global issues including the coronavirus pandemic, systemic racism, and targeted violence have exacerbated the inequities the LGBTQI+ community already faces, making it all the more important to have a candid conversation. That’s why LGBTQI+ people at Microsoft are embracing the uncomfortable and inviting all to a dialogue. Because a dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change.
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Let's talk

Today, Microsoft operates in over 120 countries around the world, most of which still don’t provide legal protections for LGBTQI+ individuals. In Let’s Talk, hosted by Dylan Marron, LGBTQI+ Microsoft employees from across the globe share their stories about times when they felt misunderstood and offer strategies on how to approach difficult conversations.

Watch the video to learn more about challenges the LGBTQI+ community still faces today, and how we can all create more conversations to move toward equality—because communication leads to understanding, and understanding leads to change.

Save the date for our 24-hour Microsoft Pride global marathon

Join us starting at 7:00 AM Pacific on Saturday, June 27 for our virtual Pride marathon. The live broadcast will feature speaker panels, gaming, conversations, videos, and more.
It will offer a chance to learn about the impact of Covid-19 on the LGBTQI+ community, play via our gaming and events, and engage through conversations.

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Accessibility isn’t an option—it’s a responsibility

In this podcast series, host Lacey Henderson, Paralympian, shines a spotlight on disability inclusion. She speaks with former NFL player and ALS advocate Steve Gleason, Casey Harris of the band X Ambassadors, and Unified Robotics founders Kendall and Delaney Foster to find out how these change-makers are unlocking a more accessible future.

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