Starfield by Lab212

Starfield is an installation by the French art collective Lab212. Installed at the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich in 2016, the experience allows guests to swing through the Milky Way and over the Moon.

Initially created in 2012 by Lab212‘s Cyril Diagne and Tobias Muthesius, Starfield created a magical way to experience traveling through the mesmerizing void that was the Windows 95 screensaver. When preparing it for the exhibition at the Musem of Digital Art (MuDA) in Zurich, Switzerland the idea came up to enhance the experience with WorldWide Telescope, an open-source software which allows to visualize the entire observable universe in 3D.  Microsoft worked with MuDA and Cyril Diagne to develop the out-of-this-world experience.

What a wonderful and lovely idea. Math! Science! Art! They’re all related; a combination of how the Universe is and how we experience it. When they are intertwined, it enriches them all.

- Phil Plait (author of Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog)
Cyril Diagne from Lab212 collaborates with Microsoft's Jonathan Fay at the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich.
As the visitor rides the swing, the Microsoft Kinect camera tracks the angles of the ropes and from there calculates the visitors eye position in three-dimensional space.


Title: Starfield (2016)
Artist: Cyril Diagne (Lab212)
Location: Museum of Digital Art (Zurich, Switzerland)
Controls: Jonathan Fay
Source code: GitHub
Software: WorldWide Telescope, Kinect Studio
Hardware: Kinect V2, Swing, Projector, PCTechnical
Collaborator: American Astronomical Society