A digital canvas where art and technology converge

Tabor Robak's 'Sundial' is a kinetic art piece mirroring the rhythms of nature and city life, created for a digital culture wall showcasing local artists at New York's flagship Microsoft Store.

How can a digital wall change the way people interact with the architecture that surrounds them? How can it reflect and bring to life the community that lives and breathes around it?

These were the questions that guided Brooklyn-based Tabor Robak, a new media artist who created the inaugural art for an 800-square-foot kinetic canvas encompassing nearly half of the Microsoft Store’s façade on Fifth Avenue. Robak’s piece ‘Sundial’ is the first in a new ongoing collaboration between the five-story retail store and local artists that seeks to explore the intersections of art, technology, and community.

Robak—whose work has been exhibited in major galleries and museums across the globe—designed a decidedly cinematic piece. Using Microsoft Surface, he created a trio of abstract, looping videos that reflect the ever-changing rhythms of nature and city life. ‘Sundial’ changes in color and feel depending on the time of day, evoking the circadian and seasonal arcs of nature. At noon, the piece echoes the vitality of drivers, shoppers, and pedestrians on the street. By midnight, it relaxes into a nocturnal mood evocative of lava lamps or supernovas.

I would like for the artwork to be a little bit of nature—a breeze on Fifth Avenue—and a moment of peace in the middle of the workday.

Tabor Robak

Robak’s ‘Sundial’ was on display at the Microsoft Store through 2017. Experience it via digital art captures, now available for download.

The digital culture wall is an ongoing collaboration with local artists, whose work will be featured at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York: 677 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10022.

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