Unlocking opportunity through technology

Technology is transforming the landscape of how we work, live, and play in exciting new ways. But the challenge—and goal—is fostering a digital transformation that lives up to its promise of being accessible and inclusive for all.

How can technology be used as a force for inclusion? How can it connect people of all backgrounds and abilities to the skills, knowledge, and opportunities that can change lives? These stories showcase the individuals and organizations working to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from what this revolution has to offer.

“Broadband connectivity is no longer simply a luxury for streaming YouTube videos on a tablet (as enjoyable as that may be). It has become a critical connection to a better education and living. As a country, we should not settle for an outcome that leaves behind more than 23 million of our rural neighbors. To the contrary, we can and should bring the benefits of broadband coverage to every corner of the nation.”

– Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft