The Enabling Boat connects youth in coastal Vietnam

Through Microsoft's global digital skills program, a mobile classroom helps underserved communities in Vietnam adapt to the digital economy by providing valuable tech training.

In Vietnam, water is the country’s lifeblood, serving as an essential channel for food and commerce. So it seemed like a fitting way to bring technology training to underserved communities that lack access to learning opportunities because of their geography.

Microsoft Vietnam partnered with a variety of organizations to launch the “Enabling Boat,” which is equipped with new technology and docks in remote villages to provide ICT and computer science training to both adults and children. For some, it’s their first time ever using a computer or connecting to the Internet.

The program is part of a larger Microsoft initiative to bridge the digital literacy gap across Asia and provide youth, in particular, with the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy. “Digital literacy is critical for everyone to participate meaningfully in the 4th Industrial Revolution, as new skills are needed to match the rapid pace of technological change in the digital economy,” says Astrid S. Turminez, Regional Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft Southeast Asia.

Digital literacy is critical for everyone to participate meaningfully in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

- Astrid S. Turminez, Regional Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Southeast Asia

To launch the Enabling Boat, Microsoft Vietnam partnered with a number of local organizations and stakeholders, including the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD). In addition to technology training, a goal of the program is to raise awareness about marine conservation, environmental protection, and climate change adaptation for communities who need it most.

The result is a program that’s both immediately relevant to youth in coastal Vietnam villages, while preparing them to participate and benefit from the global digital economy—and ultimately, achieve their dreams.

“Technology is a powerful force for improving people’s lives,” said Khoa Pham, of Microsoft Vietnam. “The Enabling Boat not only brings ICT education to underserved youth, but it also connects them to the world.”

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