Making jobs and skills more accessible in India

Project Sangam uses LinkedIn Lite to help job-seekers in India get professional training and find employment, while aiding employers in building a local workforce equipped with relevant skills.

A digital transformation is underway in India, where there are expected to be a billion mobile subscribers by 2020. But despite the mobile revolution, Internet connections remain slow, metered, and expensive.

LinkedIn Lite has sought to work around this issue with an app that takes up just 1MB of space on a device, reducing the data required to run LinkedIn by 80%. After a successful launch with India’s 42 million LinkedIn users and beyond, it’s currently being rolled out in 60 more markets. LinkedIn Lite has also enabled Project Sangam, which Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called “the first coming together of LinkedIn and Microsoft.”

Sangam, which means “coming together” in Hindi, is a cloud-based platform that integrates with LinkedIn. It supports job-seekers in India who need to learn industry-based skills and find relevant employment, while helping employers—from government to private organizations—close the skills gap and prepare candidates to meet the demands of tomorrow.

One of the most pressing challenges of the Indian economy is . . . how to provide every person in India the opportunity to skill themselves for the jobs that are going to be available.

- Satya Nadella

Project Sangam stemmed from a blended learning platform created by Microsoft Research India that paired online resources with in-classroom teaching in India, Jordan, and Mauritius. It later evolved into a vocational training tool geared largely towards blue-collar workers who lack outlets for finding long-term employment.

Today, it also allows people to enroll through Aadhaar, India’s nationwide ID system. Once enrolled, they can access industry-based tutorials and trainings, maintain LinkedIn profiles, and get personalized job recommendations.

“Microsoft’s vision has been to empower every person on the planet to achieve more,” said Anil Bhansali, Managing Director of Microsoft India, “and clearly, Sangam is a step in that direction.”

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The making of Project Sangam

Microsoft Research India started the project to understand the adoption of quality educational content in India and how technology can help uplift this adoption rate.