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Known to fans as Lauv, Ari Leff is a musician and producer who proudly shares his emotions and mental health journey with audiences through both his music and his social media. Tracks like “I Like Me Better” and “I’m So Tired” stir hopeless romantics around the globe, and he’s been vocal about using his music as a tool for catharsis—both his own and his fans’.

This dedication to mental health became increasingly apparent when Lauv launched My Blue Thoughts, a special box he brought on his last tour. “The same way that music for me is a place to discover and confront my feelings and whatever’s going on in my life, I wanted to create that same kind of vibe for people who came to the show,” the singer reflects.

With MyBlueThoughts.World, no matter where people are in the world, they can see that someone else is experiencing something really similar or exactly the same.


Concertgoers were encouraged to write any message they liked, on any subject, and put it in the box. Lauv then photographed these anonymous notes and posted them online, helping emphasize the universality of human experience and emotion. “Even though it can seem like we are alone in the things we are feeling, there are millions of other people going through the same thing. So that’s really important to me.”

Lauv’s goal has always been to bring My Blue Thoughts to an even wider audience and help people see the commonalities in their own mental health struggles, so he teamed up with Microsoft to create a digital version that fans can access from anywhere in the world, plus a new tech-driven My Blue Thoughts booth that he can bring on tour. Lauv is excited about the expanded possibilities of the initiative. “The new experience is gonna be much easier to connect with other people” he says.

I thought it would be really cool to unify people ... It helps to see that a lot of people all around the world [are] feeling a lot of the same things.


Share whatever is on your mind at MyBlueThoughts.World.

The site uses Microsoft AI to analyze the anonymous messages and make them explorable by location and keyword: Microsoft’s Speech-to-Text API converts spoken audio messages into text, while the Text Analytics API extracts meaning from that text by identifying relevant words. The AI then connects fans with related messages, across several languages and across the globe—again demonstrating how universal our trials and joys truly are.

A visitor records their response to the prompt, "What's on your mind?".

The Speech to Text API transcribes the visitor's message. Then, the Text Analytics API recognizes and pulls out relevant terms.

Key phrases are translated by the Translation API, so visitors can discover connections to other fans around the world in eight different languages.

If you have tickets to an upcoming Lauv show on his ~how i’m feeling~ tour, you can also enter the My Blue Thoughts booth and type or record your message anonymously at the show. These messages become searchable on the My Blue Thoughts world map.

There are millions of people that deal with depression, and so to have somebody in this platform speaking about his own struggles, it makes people want to speak up more.

Caleigh (Lauv fan)

My Blue Thoughts is great because you can reflect on your past experiences and know that you're not alone.

Alec (Lauv fan)

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please reach out to somebody. You can view a list of available resources here.