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The In Culture podcast is a platform for artists, fashion designers, gamers, musicians, and creators to tell their stories. Each episode brings listeners behind the scenes with these change makers to provide a real-world look at how they’re harnessing technology to shape culture.

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1. Remixing reality

Learn how modern storytellers are immersing people in the worlds of their stories.

2. The sonic turn

Meet artists who are transforming the way audiences experience and interact with music.

3. Breaking the pattern

Shaping a sustainable future for the fashion industry with tech-powered innovation.

4. The new MVP

Find out how data is revolutionizing sports to gain a competitive edge.

5. The future past

Hear how mixed reality and the Internet of Things are helping to preserve our past.

In Culture podcast host Becca DeGregorio
Becca DeGregorio
Becca DeGregorio is a podcast producer and editor who got her start in radio working on WBUR Boston’s Open Source with Christopher Lydon. She’s since worked with the likes of Vice’s GARAGE Magazine, Project Worldwide, Color of Change and various independent shows, and is an adjunct lecturer in podcasting at Stony Brook University’s Graduate Arts Department. Her first independent podcast—The Grandma Files, about grandmothers and our relationships to them—will be released soon.
In Culture podcast host Todd Whitney
Todd Whitney
Todd Whitney is a podcast producer, editor, and sound designer exploring audio in a variety of spaces. Since 2012, he’s produced stories for NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin and reported on waste, cultures, and change for KALW’s Crosscurrents. He’s also directed audio fiction and produced food travelogues for Audible Originals. Beyond the podcast space, he’s an avid hacker-maker, whose current work centers around building soil moisture sensors.