Pride 2020: The more we talk, the more we understand

Pride parades might have been cancelled or postponed this year, but the call for equity and equality continues—to keep talking, listening, and taking action. That’s why we invited artists, activists, performers, advocates, and Microsoft employees to discuss all things LGBTQI+ and Pride as part of a 24-hour event. Check out those sessions here, and help us continue the conversation around Pride—because the more we talk, the more we understand.

Why Pride: Take a look at the history of Pride and what's happening around the world in the LGBTQI+ community right now.
Tell Me Why: Check out a scene from DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios' upcoming narrative adventure game Tell Me Why. Plus, watch an interview with voice actor August Black as he talks about his role of Tyler Ronan, Tell Me Why’s trans protagonist.
Prince Manvendra Interview: Hear from Manvendra Singh Gohil, the former Crown Prince of Rajpipla—an erstwhile princely state of Gujarat—and the 39th direct descendent of the 650-year-old Gohil Dynasty. He is the first member of a royal family to openly come out as gay to the world. He is also the Chairperson and Co-Founder of Laksha Trust, dedicated to the empowerment of the LGBTQI+ community, and the Brand Ambassador of AIDS Healthcare Foundation India Cares, the world’s oldest and largest non-profit organization for HIV testing and treatment.
Still Rising: Join Jessica Stern, Executive Director at OutRight Action International; Fabrice Houdart, Managing Director of Global Equity Initatives at Out Leadership; Shira Kogan, Senior Corporate Developent Manager at The Trevor Project; Gurchaten Sandhu (Nanoo), LGBTQI+ Lead at UN's International Labor Organization; Maurice Harris, artist and visionary behind Bloom & Plume; and Tiernan Madorno of Microsoft for a discussion on how queerness in 2020, COVID-19, and racial injustice are affecting LGBTQI+ people globally.
Gaming for Everyone: Join Lisette Titre-Montgomery, Art Director at Double Fine Productions; Kate Dollarhyde, Narrative Director at Obsidian Entertainment; Christina McGrath, Head of Communuty at Rare; Elise Baldwin, Audio Director at Xbox Game Studios Publishing; and Aleksey Fedorov, Pride co-chair at Microsoft for a discussion about LGBTQI+ representation in gaming.
Ann Johnson Interview: Hear from Ann Johnson (Corporate Vice President of the Cybersecurity Solutions Group) and her daughter Kylee Johnson about the importance of open conversation, dialogue, and finding your community. Learn how their personal journey has influenced Ann’s very passionate point of view to create a more inclusive cybersecurity industry.
Pride Inspiration: Join us for a conversation about Pride and learn more about the inspiration behind this year’s campaign.
Charity Focus: Hear from Switchboard, an LGTBQI+ helpline that provides support and information to millions of people from the small room above a bookshop near King’s Cross Station in London.
The Gender Unicorn: Join the discussion about Gender Unicorn, a tool developed by Trans Student Educational Resources and learn how gender identity, gender expression, sex assignment, sexual attraction, and romantic attraction intersect in all of us.
PrinxessTi Gaming Event: Explore the beautiful world of Forza Horizon 4 with PrinxessTi as they race the fastest and most colourful cars across the UK, live from Melbourne Australia.

Standing up for justice through dialogue

Listening to people different from us has the power to change us. Hear from LGBTQI+ people at Microsoft, who decided to embrace the uncomfortable and invite all to an open conversation about systemic racism, sexism, fears, and misconceptions.