The NFL is keeping the spirit of the game alive

The NFL's 2020 season is underway. And in this year like no other, teams and broadcasters are turning to technology to collaborate, connect with fans, and keep their favorite traditions alive.
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Download Fox Sports NFL backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

Are you ready for some football? Show your love for the game in your video conferences with these new NFL backgrounds.

Technology is changing the game

What is the role of technology in sports? These organizations are innovating with new tools that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

A woman is holding a ball and racket in front of a tennis net.

Tracking the future of tennis

Coco Gauff made history at Wimbledon in 2019 after defeating Venus Williams. Now, with the help of technology, she’s taking her game to the next level as she grows into one of the sport’s fastest rising stars.

Helping athletes reach new heights

Find out how these teams are tapping technology to better collect and analyze performance data—and ultimately, empower athletes to soar.

Where tech meets track

The new Renault R.S.20 is the result of real-time team collaborations across multiple sites 24-7. The team captures 50 billion data points per car per race, using visualization and simulations to optimize car performance.

Bringing fans closer to the action

Now, more than ever, fans are craving new tech-powered experiences like these to help them connect with their favorite players and teams.

“I’ve heard thousands of no’s, and I don’t let them get me down.”

In developing her career as a pro racer and monster truck driver, Collete Davis has faced a lot of rejection along the way.