Unlocking a competitive edge

When the passion of sports and the power of technology come together, it allows athletes to reach new heights—and it brings fans closer to the game they love.

“What will change the game is how we embrace technology that makes us even more efficient. It’s about being smarter in the way we work.”

– Pierre d’Imbleval, Chief Information Officer, Renault F1 Team

Mike Schultz is picture snowboarding down a mountain in the adaptive boot.
At Burton, ‘we are all riders’
Burton Snowboards lives by its mission, harnessing inclusive design and creativity to explore adaptive technology in a way that helps riders—and the sport at large—achieve their full potential.
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Renault racecar aerodynamics engineering technology
Where tech meets track
The new Renault R.S.19 is the result of real-time team collaborations across multiple sites 24-7. The team captures 50 billion data points per car per race, using visualization and simulations to optimize car performance.
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“I’ve heard thousands of no’s, and I don’t let them get me down.”
In developing her career as a pro racer and monster truck driver, Collete Davis has faced a lot of rejection along the way.
Building a racing career on self-belief and drive