Cloud9 is disrupting the esports landscape

Cloud9 has taken esports by storm. Now, they’re developing a set of game insight tools to mine valuable data—and revolutionize the world of competitive gaming.

With half a billion fans globally, esports has been experiencing a meteoric rise. And at the forefront is Cloud9—one of the fastest growing and most successful organizations in the world of competitive video gaming. Cloud9’s teams are comprised of world-class players and coaches, and they’re focused on the same things as any traditional top-tier sports team: developing the next generation of elite players and cultivating a competitive edge to ensure success.

When it comes to how esports organizations function, recruit, and nurture their talent, Cloud9 was an early pioneer. But today, with international teams across 12 of esports’ most popular games like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and with several championships to their name, their new challenge is staying on top. And the key to that competitive advantage is data.

There is more information available on the games to study than is humanly possible to digest in a week leading up to matches.

- Gaylen Malone, Senior General Manager, Cloud9

Cloud9 was searching for a solution that could collect and analyze game data to give them new insights and focus their training efforts. They were looking to hone the best talent and recruit team players—not just star gamers. That meant bringing in the right experts and tools to reinforce the foundation that Jack Etienne, CEO and Owner of Cloud9, built over several years.

"I am excited to see how tech can help with analytics, competitive research, our team feedback system and ultimately increase our performance." - Bok "Reapered" Hang-gyu, LCS team Head Coach, Cloud9
"Our players are able to better themselves thanks to valuable data that newer technologies can provide. Every day esports is molded a bit more by new and exciting technologies and we can’t wait to see what comes next." - Gaylen Malone, Senior General Manager, Cloud9
"Cloud9 has not been in the business of buying super stars, its more about developing the next generation of super stars." - Jack Etienne, CEO & Owner, Cloud9

Although analytics is still a relatively new discipline to esports, the hope is that these tools will revolutionize how gamers train, strategize, and compete in the near future. “At Cloud9, we are all about giving players the tools they need to succeed. And that’s why we are working with Microsoft, to give players the tools they need for a competitive edge,” says Etienne. With access to Microsoft Azure, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision, Cloud9 will be able to mine highly specific data—including strategic patterns and player tendencies—that gives them valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and those of their opponents.

At the end of the day, we want to help Cloud9 train more efficiently and determine their best strategies to win.

- Mike Downey, Director of Sports Technology, Microsoft

The collaboration is just the beginning of Cloud9 tapping into the power of analytics. The company is also bringing on their own data scientist in-house to help translate the latest data and insights into actionable results. And over the course of their collaboration, Cloud9 will also be working with Microsoft to grow their international pool of talent and create technology that will make esports and the gaming industry more inclusive.

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