Tree Potential Project

The Nature Conservancy and SilviaTerra

Our partner SilviaTerra uses the power Microsoft AI to design and manage more sustainable ecosystems. Combining high resolution satellite imagery with field data from the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis program, they run machine learning algorithms on Microsoft Azure to measure and monitor millions of acres of forests. The resulting data gives forest managers a deeper view of habitat quality, forest diversity, and ecosystem health. These insights are improving our ability to assess fire risks, identify conservation opportunities with organizations like The Nature Conservancy, and even improve drinking water quality. This first-ever national high-resolution forest inventory dataset is helping protect and manage sustainable ecosystems from coast to coast, from Lake Tahoe to the Catskills Mountains.

All of the data-driven stories on this website were created using terabytes of satellite data processed by Microsoft Azure. This is the first time this nationwide dataset is being presented to the public so that all of us can lend our voices to protecting our nation’s vital forest ecosystems.

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