The Azure Trade-in Scheme has ended and closed for now.

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Trade-in your old hardware for a world of opportunities with Microsoft Azure.


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About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a purpose-built cloud-based platform. Designed to surpass typical cloud advantage, Azure is what you need to succeed in a fast growing and deeply connected IT environment.

Its unique integrated infrastructure makes building and deploying applications easy, reducing time to market. See your business accelerate with the help of your trusted Microsoft ecosystem, minimizing costs at every step.

Transform your data center, experience on-demand scalability and leverage the power of the hybrid cloud - all with Microsoft Azure.

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Evaluate the value of your existing server and the scheme benefits that apply as per the table below

Category Minimum Upfront
Additional Benefits
$200-$1000 $3000/p.a $500 monthly credit for 2 months
$1000-$3000 $10000/p.a $1000 monthly credit for 4 months
$3000-$5000 $15000/p.a $1500 monthly credit for 4 months
$5000-$10000 $25000/p.a $3000 monthly credit for 4 months