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Microsoft Dynamics GP
Manage your organization's finances, e-commerce, and more
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive business management solution built on an affordable and highly scalable platform of Microsoft technologies. It is a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, project accounting, field service, constituent relationships, and human resources.

Supplies powerful analytical tools
Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a broad range of flexible, customizable analytics, reporting, and budgeting options to meet your organization's needs—from advanced analysis to the simplest reporting requests.
Integrates with familiar applications
Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with Microsoft products that people in your organization already know—like a Web browser, Microsoft Office system products, and Microsoft SQL Server—to access the information they need.
Promotes the ability to perform at peak levels
Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a wide spectrum of capabilities that can help your organization function at peak levels.