Tripathi looks at the camera as he poses for a photo at his desk in his home office.

Sep 21, 2021

Transforming how Microsoft manages its corporate real estate data

Microsoft manages hundreds of buildings around the world with various purposes—warehouses, offices, labs, cafes, and so on. Like all companies with large real estate footprints, the company wanted to find better ways of managing each building type. To do that, a team in Microsoft Digital set out to transform the way it categorizes its real...

Johnson smiles as he sits outdoors on a boat on the water with the sea behind him.

Aug 31, 2021

Transforming change management at Microsoft with Microsoft 365

Once Microsoft 365 became a service, the way IT managers needed to think about change management had to change, and dramatically so. “We were no exception,” says David Johnson, who leads the team that governs how Microsoft 365 is deployed across Microsoft. “Microsoft 365 started changing every day, and we needed to figure out how...