Employees are at the heart of Microsoft’s internal Windows 11 upgrade

Oct 2, 2023   |  

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Wangui McKelvey and Nathalie D’Hers speak about Microsoft’s internal Windows 11 upgrade. McKelvey is the general manager of Microsoft 365 and D’Hers is Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Microsoft Digital Employee Experience.

Microsoft Digital Video

Watch as Wangui McKelvey and Nathalie D’Hers discuss how Windows 11 is helping Microsoft employees embrace the new hybrid workplace. McKelvey is the general manager of Microsoft 365 and D’Hers is the corporate vice president of the Microsoft Digital Employee Experience team.

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen just how important Windows 11 has become,” McKelvey says. “From remote onboarding to virtual meetings, emails, and casual coffee chats, Windows 11 has become the secure platform that’s foundational to our hybrid workplace strategy.”

At Microsoft, success in the hybrid workplace will grow out of strong alignment between digital experiences, physical spaces, and organizational culture.“

Employees are the backbone of any organization, so whether it’s day one or year 20, every employee needs the right experience to be successful in their role,” D’Hers says.

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