The Big Picture

Browse through 400-year-old manuscripts deep in a European library. Run a meeting where six people draw on the same white board at the same time, even though none of them are in the same room. Read an electronic book where the illustrations move, the charts evolve, and the footnotes come alive. At Microsoft, we've always known the PC would deliver this kind of access---access that opens up the most exciting possibilities in the world. And now the Internet expands these possibilities more than ever.

This electronic version of our annual report is a perfect example. By using our technology, you can bring this information to life in powerful new ways. You can build and revise charts in real time. You can perform what-if scenarios with the income statements. You can use it as a launching pad to explore a broad range of online information about our company. In short, you can experience new possibilities that were never available in a printed piece. The kinds of possibilities that Microsoft technology is helping the whole world experience.

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