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Compared with the similar strategy turn-based system, Adorable Monster Brawl: Justice Summoner has more versatile gameplay. The player battle center system matches online for real-time PVP, which is well received by players. The road of king is an exciting system, and it is challenged step by step. Until the end of the battle, the feeling at the top is unparalleled. If you missed the Pokemon of the handheld era, then you must not miss the remake of Adorable Monster Brawl on Windows 10. Global uniforms, relive the classics, hundreds of elves gathered for you to collect. Contact Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonSpecialPikachu/ (Free Deluxe Gift Package) Game Features: ——Enjoy Classic Battles The game combat system is a highly restored GBA Pokemon. When you enter the player, you will have a familiar feeling, which effectively reduces the learning cost of the player and reminds the player of belonging. In the battle, there are 17 types of attributes to restrain the confrontation, and the strategic fun is more difficult. Then there is no brain power suppression. ——Capture Exclusive Elves The elf system is a core system of the game and is the main pursuit of players. At present, there are 386 elf in the game that can provide player capture and use. The elf system includes multiple development systems. Fantastic Elf Game We meet you again to catch unique and cute elves! Capture and grow your favorite star. —— Miracle Exchange is Coming Miracle Exchange is a gambling-like elf recovery cycle system, so that players do not have excess elf. [Miraculous Exchange], which turns money into treasure, is available at your fingertips, and is your only choice to help you become the strongest summoner. ——Real-time PVP battle Real-time PVP battle is one of the main features of the game, which satisfies the players who can't play against players in GBA, and it also shows the fun of strategic battles. Win10 Remake allows you to compete with players from all over the world. The real-time PVP between players is most enjoyable. Call your friends to fight!


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1.Added 7th generation skills: Skills enter the seventh generation 2.Added Elf Effort Training System: Effort values can be obtained through training on Fengyuan Map, or by using props 3.New Fengyuan map: Added ships to Fengyuan area, you can go to Fengyuan area by boat


  • The classic continues, the core gameplay is reproduced perfectly
  • Childhood dreams now round
  • The road to kings, challenge your own limit
  • Real-time PVP battles, global competition

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