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The game uses an original cartoon/comic art style. Created using traditional 2D technology combined with a free-form deformation technique, character animation sequences are rich in detail, achieving a unique 3D-like effect.Characters can be improved and enhanced through randomly generated abilities, with choices impacting your entire stage progression. Choose from dozens of upgrade choices to complement your characters’ special abilities, thereby creating a unique and personal play style.Features:-A straight-up hardcore STG that takes you back to the fast-paced 90's. -Original robotech and unique comic art style that employs FFD techniques to achieve detailed and 3D-like effects in 2D animation. -7 elaborate stages and 10+ crazed bosses to defeat. -4 original characters, each with two special abilities and one powerful bomb. -A roguelike randomized ability system. Create your own unique play style by mix and matching your character's abilities. -Explore the story behind each character and the secrets surrounding the enemy legion. -More than 20 original tracks.


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Release Note(June Update-1005): Fixed the bug that the last boss doesn't appear in Veteran difficulty. Fixed the bug caused by save data problem. Fixed the bug appearing when switching language. Fixed the bug that the bomb of Echo didn't drop in screen. Fixed the text mistakes. Optimized the bullet effects. Fixed the bug that the boss in noob difficulty is normal difficulty in practice mode. FIxed the bug in Leaderboard. Fixed the bug in main menu. Changed the movie playing moment.

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E-Home Entertainment Development Co., Ltd

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Screambox Network Co., Ltd



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